Visa support

Students coming from outside the European Union will need to obtain study visas to take part in the ADVANCES programme.  Unfortunately the Schengen system for visas within most European Union states does not cover study or other types of long-term visas and thus students need to obtain a visa or residence permit from each country where they spend a semester.  

Generally students will obtain the UK “Student visitor” visa for Semester 1 studies in their countries of residency.  Visas for Semesters 2, 3 and 4 can be obtained during the ADVANCES programme. 

Full details about visa procedures will be sent to students who have confirmed attendance.  In the meantime, please consult the following websites about the visas required for the first year of study:

UK “Student Visitor” visa: United Kingdom Border Agency

Danish residence permits: Danish Immigration Service

Please note that visa-related costs are not included in the participation costs for the ADVANCES programme.