Teaching concept

Nigel Horner is Senior Academic in Social Work at the University of Lincoln and will lead the module “Advanced Methods and Interventions.”

The teaching and learning in the ADVANCES programme is designed to support key professional skills and competences in social work.  In particular, the curriculum is based on the concept of “problem-based learning” in which students are encouraged to become independent, creative and reflective learners.  This means that students do not just receive traditional lectures and seminars, but also enjoy group work, skills laboratories,  case studies, field workshops and workshops.  

ADVANCES modules are offered in multiples of 5 ECTS and have been organised around competences rather than thematic topics or bodies of knowledge.  This is to encourage the development of skills that are relevant and transferable to the social sector.  Knowledge of particular social issues and service user groups will thus be ‘wrapped’ within modules concentrating on key professional tasks (e.g. communication, inter-professional learning, using evidence, social entrepreneurship, problem solving, ethics).