Degree recognition

Successful graduates will receive a multiple degree award.  This means that each of the universities where you spend at least one semester will award you a full Master degree in line with national legislation.

In addition to their degree certificates, graduates will also receive a diploma supplement that outlines the nature of the course, curriculum and marking scheme.  This will help employers and universities to understand your skills and achievements during the ADVANCES course.

To ensure transparency and the conversion of marks between institutions, the ADVANCES courses uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).  The workload expected for each module depends on the number of ECTS awarded.

Degree recognition

The MA Advanced Development in Social Work degree is recognised as an academic qualification in many countries across the world.  In some cases, a separate application to a national accreditation body may be necessary to have your professional status as an advanced social worker recognised.  

The ADVANCES consortium will assist with supporting paperwork for professional recognition, but cannot guarantee that all countries will award professional status to graduates due to the diversity of national requirements regulating the social work profession.  The evaluation of education and work history is generally made on a case-by-case basis and applicants may need to pay a fee to the relevant national organisation.  

National organisations for the professional accreditation of social workers include: