Summer School

The Summer School for the 2016-18 cohort of ADVANCES will take place in July 2017 at University of Warsaw in Poland.  The two-week event will be delivered by academic staff from across the consortium as well as eminent social work scholars from around the world.  The event focuses on the links between research and practice, including fieldtrips to social projects and services.  It includes a research conference based on presentations by the graduating class of ADVANCES.     

Module 9: Practice-oriented research in social work (5 ECTS)


This module aims to raise awareness about the mutual impact of research and practice in social work. Different kinds of practice-oriented research will be presented. Students will learn to relate the results of research to its political, financial, organizational, and methodological context. They should reflect on the importance of the position of the researcher within his research field.

Teaching Methods

Two-week Summer School with invited researchers and practitioners; small group analysis of research and case studies; fieldtrips

Assessment Event

Group presentation and evaluation of a piece of practice-oriented research