Semester 4

Semester 4 is dedicated to a practice- and action-oriented research project. Crucially, students will be responsible for generating their own research topics in order to ensure maximum fit with their career goals and professional interests. Students will be divided equally between all five universities based on their choice of topic and availability of staff research expertise.  A 2-3 month period of data collection will let students investigate and evaluate their chosen aspect of social work practice.  The research projects will be presented at a final conference and goodbye event at Warsaw University in Poland in July 2017.  

Module 15: Research Project (25 ECTS)


The research project represents the culmination and demonstration of students’ learning.  It must be based on primary research and contain evidence of conceptual engagement, practice reflection and the ability to transfer knowledge and skills between settings.  Students will be asked to evaluate the effectiveness of social services in meeting user needs.

Teaching Methods

Individual and group supervision meetings; 2-3 months data empirical collection; group seminars during fieldwork

Assessment Event

25,000 word report (80%)Presentation at Research Conference (20%)