Social sector partners

As a programme geared towards developing professional practice, close links with social work organisations, clients and practitioners are embedded throughout the ADVANCES course.  Indeed, several course objectives explicitly promote the interests of service users and cooperation with other professionals.

Each university in the ADVANCES consortium will facilitate links between students and local social workers, advocacy groups and service users during invited lectures, fieldtrips, workshops and networking events.  The following organisations are among the social services that cooperate with the ADVANCES programme by hosting fieldtrips, organising placements and supporting research projects:

Aalborg University in Denmark has a modern, open-plan campus designed to encourage creativity in a relaxed environment.
  • Age UK Lincoln is a specialist voluntary organisation that works to provide high quality services and support to the over 50s in the Lincoln City and surrounding areas, ensuring that they get the most from life.  Its aim is to enable people to lead full and active lives and stay safe and independent within their homes.  Age UK Lincoln is a local independent charitable organisation and part of the Age UK Federation.
  • Lincolnshire County Council provides a wide range of support to children and families in one of the largest counties in the United Kingdom.  Its work was assessed as “performs excellently” by the national OFSTED inspection in 2011. 
  • Aalborg Municipality in Denmark serves over 200,000 people and aims to make Aalborg an outstanding place in which to live and work and to visit, where everyone enjoys a range of quality and efficient services in a progressive community.  A wide range of services are offered to the general population and specific groups, including disabled citizens, older people, children and families.  
  • The Jean Coxtet Association for Child Protection is a non-government organisation with 978 staff in the greater Paris region working  with children and young people in difficulty.
  • EUROCEF is an international NGO that promotes the professionalisation of education and social work at national and European levels.  It enjoys participatory status with the Council of Europe and acts as a hub for research, innovation and policy to promote children’s rights.  
  • The STACJA programme works with young people living in crisis situations in Warsaw, Poland, such as homelessness, domestic violence, addiction and prostitution.  It operates several outreach and street work schemes, including a peer education project where young people who themselves have undergone the experience of being a ‘street kid’ support their peers who are still living in social exclusion.
  • Chata “Cottage” in Warsaw, Poland, is a state-sector organisation that runs small units of residential accommodation for children and families in need, including a hostel for people experiencing family violence.  Psychological care and social support are offered to aid family reunification and social reintegration.
  • Dom Baudouin is a multi-functional institution in Warsaw, Poland, that offers assistance to children deprived of partial or entire parental care.  The center provides temporary and long-term care for children that satisfies their developmental, emotional and social needs, as well as support for parents who require help.